Arye dworken

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My celebrity lookalike is director Ethan Coen. Who’s yours?

Remember: there are no wrong answers.


I worked at JWT for a few years, and then freelanced at Taxi New York and Mother. After that, I was recruited to RGA where I spent an exceptional six years followed by three years at Momentum New York. I am currently a freelance Creative Director and Writer and am down to freelance.

Your impression of me can only go uphill from here.

Your impression of me can only go uphill from here.

I also created the term “Dadfluencer™” which has yet to take off. But it’ll happen.


Small Talk

Over the years, I have edited and written as a culture journalist for Rolling Stone, Spin, HEEB, self-titled and more, and am currently writing for New York Magazine’s culture website Vulture.

I also spent three years on the New York stand-up comedy circuit, self-publish my own comic book, consume all things pop culture in a borderline-obsessive manner.

Above all, I’m a father of three incredible children who will eat nothing I make them no matter how much ketchup is involved.

Oh, and you’re probably wondering about that lion logo up top…well, “Arye” means “lion” in Hebrew. Shalom!


We can do amazing things together.

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